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Felt Easter Egg Wreath

Felt Easter Egg Wreath

It is no secret that I love felt and I love wreaths.  I’ve combined the two several times in the past, why not for Easter?

I didn’t realize how pricey styrofoam can be until I made my Pumpkin wreath.  I’m on a very strict budget right now so I was thinking of what I could use to make an easter egg wreath.  Then I remembered a cardboard box that I had recently thrown out.  I grabbed it, opened it up and traced a fairly big egg shape on it.  Here’s how to make one for yourself.

Cut out a bunch of circles out of felt.  I didn’t count how many I did, I just did a bunch at first and cut out more as I went.  Mine are roughly 2 inches.  Have your cardboard egg ready.  Take your circle of felt and put a line of hot glue along the middle.  Fold it in half.  Then make another line of hot glue on one side and then fold down.  Turn it over and put a dollop of glue on the bottom and then stick to your cardboard.  Repeat.  🙂  (By the way, I used my cordless glue gun that I got for Christmas – love it!).

Hot glue some ribbon to the back and hang it up!  Super easy.

I love how happy and Spring-y this is and it goes perfectly with my Easter Garland and Easter Pennant Banner!

Do you decorate for Easter?

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