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Easter Garland

Easter Garland

Last week, I found these adorable cupcake liners in the dollar spot of Target.  I loved how my Valentine’s Day Garland turned out using cupcake liners so I decided to make it again for Easter.

This is such an easy and cheap project.  Grab cord of any kind, some cupcake liners and some washi tape.  You also need some double sided tape.

Start by folding your cupcake liner in half, stick a piece of double sided tape across the middle, place your cord down the middle of the liner and fold over.  You may need an extra piece of tape to secure it down.  You could also sew across the liners to hold the cord in place.  My sewing machine is kept in a closet.  I didn’t want to pull it down so I went with this version.  Add some washi tape and repeat.

When I was finished, I snipped the washi tape to make them into little bitty pennants and then hung up my garland.

Isn’t it adorable?  And this is such an easy project.  Anyone can do this with some basic materials.  I also love how these colors take us into Spring!

I paired it with my Easter Pennant Bunting and love how they compliment each other!

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