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How I Learned To Calm Down After Stress

How I Learned To Calm Down After Stress

As a mother of two sons, my days are always busy. It’s not easy to handle a career and two kids who constantly need you for everything.

It’s been tough past few months, especially since I had to go back to work after a hiatus. The workload is tougher now; it’s as if I have to exert more physical effort. When you are at your second child, you think you know how things work with parenting but you soon find out that you haven’t even scratched the surface.

Between Two Kids And Hard Place

The pressure got to me a while ago and I started experiencing these attacks that would numb my whole body and just tighten my muscles. I got really scared, because I didn’t understand what exactly was going on. The doctor told me that they were panic attacks, brought about by my busy schedule.

I got some meds from the doctor but they weren’t as effective as I hoped they would be. The anti-anxiety drugs couldn’t keep an attack away for long so after a while I just started looking for other alternatives. The panic attacks did not relent and it became harder to sleep and relax even when I knew I didn’t have a busy schedule.


A week ago my sister-in-law recommended Phenibut, saying that it helped her some time back with the same problem. According to her, this is a calming nootropic supplement meant to reduce anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I didn’t know anything about nootropic supplements then, so I was very skeptical about trying it.

The supplement works like a charm. I couldn’t sit through traffic jams; it always felt like I was burning time when I had so much to do. Such things were easy triggers that I got rid of. I started with a dose of 500mg a day. The supplement is supposed to increase dopamine levels in the brain, which eases you into a mood of relaxation.


For me, Phenibut works best when I take it in the morning. It is sort of a kick start to the day. I decided to take it in the morning, as opposed to before I go to sleep. The reason was because if I started the morning well, the rest of the day would pretty much be a breeze. The effects of the supplement kick while am planning my day and at that moment I have such calm within that I see everything for what it is.

As a mother who has to keep watch over two sons (for what seems like eternity), I have to say that Phenibut is a great help if you are handling my kind of day. I would advise new users should start with a small dosage and never go beyond a gram a day.

Yesterday was an amazing day, and there will be more to come!