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DIY Glitter Barrettes

I have such an easy DIY project for you today!

I saw these beautiful barrettes on Etsy this week and thought to myself, “oh I have some plain barrettes I could dress up with glitter.”  And so, I did.

I ordered a grab box from Pick Your Plum recently and got these really pretty barrettes.

I knew I would never wear them and actually tried to sell them at a recent craft show.  They came back home with me and into a box in the closet.  I immediately thought of them when I saw the barrettes on Etsy.  So, I grabbed them, some spray adhesive and some Martha Stewart glitter.

Simply spray the barrette with adhesive (use gloves and some newspaper because it’s very, very sticky), sprinkle with some glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter in Tourmaline), allow to dry (10 minutes or so), then spray with some hairspray so the glitter will “stay put” and not come off onto everything and you’re all set!


I liked them so much, I decided to grab a couple of other plain barrettes I had in a drawer.

I did the same process but used Turquoise and Onyx glitter this time and got these.

Really pretty and beyond easy.  In fact, I bet you have most of these supplies laying around your house already (maybe not the spray adhesive but you can get that at most stores).

So grab some barrettes you’re not using and get to glittering.

Thanks for reading!  I’ll be back later this week with a free Father’s Day printable!


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