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DIY Captain America Shield

DIY Captain America Shield

Both of my children have the same clothes hampers in their rooms – wicker ones from Babies R Us that came with a lid.  The lids have always annoyed me so we’ve never used them.  I’ve always just kept them behind or underneath their dressers.  Well, my son pulled it out several months ago and started using it as a shield.  That soon became a request for me to make him a Captain America shield.  So after months of begging and a trip to Joann’s yesterday, I made him his own Captain America shield.

This was a really easy project that I did while my daughter was strapped in her highchair eating dinner.  I gathered my supplies: hamper lid, red, white and blue felt, a star template, scissors, hot glue and different sized bowls.

You can see that my hamper lid already had a handle (left picture).  This was great!

Next, I just laid the lid onto the red felt and cut enough so that it would go around it.  Then I just used lots of glue to get it to stay in place.  Next, I grabbed a bowl and cut out a white circle.  Then I attached that with some hot glue.  Then cut another red circle and then a blue circle.  Lastly, I created a star in my Silhouette program and sized it to what I needed.  I printed it on regular paper, cut it out and then laid it onto white felt and traced it and cut it out.  You could easily do this in a Word program or by freehand.  Then I glued the star on.  All done.


I told you – very easy and I had a very happy Superhero afterwards!

Here he was practicing his Superhero moves and shield throwing tactics.

I love his serious face right here.

I also made his Captain America tee using freezer paper stenciling.  Really easy and very addicting.  You can see my tutorial here.

That’s it.  He loves it and that makes me happy.  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!


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