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DIY Captain America T-shirt Freezer

DIY Captain America T-shirt Freezer

My son loves Superheroes right now.  It’s pretty cute actually.  Well, he owns several Spiderman and Superman and Batman tees but no Captain America.  He recently asked for one so I decided to make my own using one of my favorite techniques: freezer paper stenciling.

Step 1, grab a blank tee.  Step 2, create your stencil.  I created mine on my Silhouette Cameo but I’ve done this technique several times by creating my design in word and then using an x-acto knife to cut it out on the freezer paper.  Step 3 & 4, iron on your stencil.  This was actually pretty different for me.  I’ve never had a “layered” design before.  So, I ironed down the “base”, then added certain circles.  I wrote what color the circles should be directly on the paper so I wouldn’t mess anything up.  Hopefully this makes sense in the picture.  So in Step 4, I’ll be painting two red circles and the white star.

Step 5, start painting.  Step 6, after you’ve let it dry, remove the stencil.  Now, here’s where I entered new territory.  I knew that in order to get the other circles and the blue around the star, I was going to have to iron the paper directly on the painted design.  I wasn’t sure if it would work but it did!  Step 7, instead of waiting until it was dry to remove the paper, I decided to take it off immediately.  I didn’t want the paper to ruin the painting I’d already done.  Once it’s completely dry, put a washcloth over it and iron it (no steam) to set it.

All finished!  Now I have one happy little boy!  And the shirt will even double for a 4th of July shirt.  Score!

I told him to do a Captain America stance and this is what I got.  I barely had the shirt on him before he told me he wanted me to make him an Iron Man, Hulk and Thor t-shirt next.  Better get to work!

If you’ve never done freezer stenciling, do it this weekend!  It’s really fun.  You can see a more in depth tutorial from me here or a video tutorial from I Am Momma, Here Me Roar here.

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