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Perry Platypus Tote Bag Tutorial Mickey

Perry Platypus Tote Bag Tutorial Mickey

My sweet friend Leona took 3 out of 4 of her nieces to Disney World for a week.  She sent me a text that said, “I don’t know how moms do it.  I just want to go potty by myself and it not be 1:00 am.”   HA!  Ain’t that the truth.  Two of her nieces are tweens and she wanted to get them something age-appropriate so she ordered custom tote bags from me.  She wanted Perry the Platypus for one niece and Mickey Mouse for the other.

I made this using freezer paper stenciling.  I have talked about my love for it numerous times and have done lots of projects.  It’s so easy and I love that you can basically customize anything you want on a t-shirt or tote bag!

Here’s how you can create your own.

I found an image of Perry on google and I imported the image into my Silhouette Design Studio.

Then I clicked on the Trace Option.  First I clicked Select Trace Area and I dragged a box around Perry.  He turned yellow.  Then I played around with the High Res Filter until all the lines were a solid yellow.

Then I clicked Trace and dragged the computer image away to the side.  You’ll see I was left with the red lines.  The red lines show you where your image will be cut.  I then sent the document to my freezer paper which was loaded onto my mat and into my machine.  I only have a 12×12 mat so I had to cut this in 2 section.  His front half and back half.

I don’t have any pictures of my steps but you can see how to do them in some of my other freezer stenciling tutorials.

Perry was tricky because he had so many layers so I had to really think about what order I was going to paint him.  He ended up perfect!  I had to do a little bit of touching up but nothing major.  Here’s where I messed up.

See Jessica’s name here?  Well for some reason the paper didn’t stick to the bag like it should have and when I pealed the paper up, her name had run together.  I freaked!  This was the last thing I had to do.  I texted my friend and she said, “Eva, walk away from it.  I picked you because I trust you.  I know you’ll come up with something else.”  Awww!  Thanks Leona!

So, that’s what I did.  I walked away and began thinking of a way to cover my oops.  And what better thing to add to a tween’s tote bag than a giant ruffle!  Luckily I had a color that matched perfectly.  I ruffled it up and hot glued it on.

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.

Mickey was way easier.  I hadn’t added the name to this tote and didn’t want to mess it up so I added a ruffle to this one as well.

I love the color combination of this one.

So, this is a project gone right, gone wrong and then gone right again.  🙂  My friend said her nieces loved them and I hope you do too!
Thanks for reading!

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