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Kid Friendly Tabletop

Kid Friendly Tabletop

I’ve mentioned in the past that my son hasn’t been too interested in crafting with his mamma.  He’d rather be jumping from couch to couch or breaking a bone (which he did this last week).  What do I expect from an almost 4-year-old.  BUT, he’s been recently asking me more and more if he can do a craft, color or play with stickers.  If you were here, you’d hear a resounding YES from me!

So, I set out to create a little more kid-friendly tabletop.

We already have everything in the china cabinet behind the table that he can grab himself.  But I really made it my goal to keep the things he uses most (crayons, markers, pencils and glue) visible so that when he sees his stuff on the table, he thinks, “oh I want to create something.”

I had everything I needed to create this tablescape already except for the green bin that everything is held in.  I got everything over time from the Target Dollar Bins (darn those dollar bins – I’m obsessed with them).  You could easily do this with mason jars or even soup cans.


Originally I was leaving out some drawing paper for him to grab whenever he wanted but my idea transformed.  Here’s my Valentine’s table that I created for our V-Day breakfast.

I decided to leave the butcher/kraft paper on the table and just let the kids go to town.  Mommy likes to draw too.  🙂  And when all the space has been colored on, just tape down more kraft paper.  You can grab a roll from the Dollar store.

And if you’re like me and have to multipurpose your space, just put down some placemats and move the caddy when it’s time for dinner.

This is such a simple idea.  But when he passes by it several times a day, I hope it just reminds him (and eventually my daughter) that their hands were made to create masterpieces!

Thanks for reading.  See you soon!!


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