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DIY I Love My Husband T-shirt

DIY I Love My Husband T-shirt

A friend of mine started a Facebook group called “Bring Back Date Night.”  The purpose of the group is for wives to encourage each other to date their husbands more.  When we have kids, so much of our time and focus goes into our children that at times we can neglect our husbands.  And when you have a baby (mine is 10 mths old now), dates are even less frequent.  So, in the group we offer up cheap date night ideas, contact info for baby-sitters, things like that.

So, my friend posted a picture of a shirt recently that she had bought at a conference.  It said, “I Love My Husband.”  So, several of us decided to make our own and wear them on Father’s Day.

Here’s how you can make your own using freezer paper stenciling – one of my favorite techniques.

Grab a blank tee-shirt.  Now, I created my design on my Silhouette Cameo and cut it out on some freezer paper (you can purchase a giant roll for $5.76 from Wal-Mart) but you can very easily create your design in Word, print it out and then put the freezer paper over it and cut it out using an exacto knife.  I’ve done it this way several times and it works great.

Then you take the stencil, shiny-side down, and iron it directly onto your shirt.  And when you think you’re done, iron it just a little bit more.  Then grab your paint, a craft sponge and paint away.

When you’re finished painting, let it dry completely.  When I’ve been in a hurry to complete a project, I’ve just stuck it underneath a fan on high for an hour or so and that worked well for me.  When it’s dry, peel off the stencil and take a washcloth or fabric, place it over the stencil and iron it again.  This “sets” it.  Do you ever wonder how people come up with this stuff?  I mean how did someone realize that freezer paper would iron onto a shirt making it a wonderful stencil?

And here you have it.  An awesomely cute shirt that will make your husband feel like the most special man!


And here’s a group shot of some of the ladies that made a shirt.  We’re missing a few and the camera was left on B&W.  But still a cute shot of us “Dating Wives”.

Thanks for reading!  See you tomorrow for my I {Heart} Monday post!


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