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Earth Day Jello

Earth Day Jello

Earth Day coming up has given me a great opportunity to reiterate how God created the Earth with Hosea.  We had a good conversation in the car earlier today about what God created.  We pointed to and talked about the flowers, trees, grass, sky and the animals.  And I told him about how we need to take care of all that God has created and given to us.  This was a great time to talk about putting trash in the trash can as opposed to the ground.  After a few minutes he said, “Why are you telling me all this?”  Nice.

I haven’t made jello in a long time but bought some blue a while back to make some “clouds” with it.  I never did so picked up some green the other day and created some “Earth Day Jello”.  It’s very obvious but just take blue and green and mix it together.  A nice flavor of blue raspberry and lime.  Hosea wouldn’t let me mix his up, naturally.  So this cup is mine!

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