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We’re Pregnant

We’re Pregnant

Jonathan and I have been married for a little over three years. And for most of those three years, we did not want children. We liked being able to just pick up and go (which we did on a few occassions). We loved going to concerts and coming up really late. Things like that. There was always a part of me though that was sad that we wouldn’t carry on the Godly heritage that Jonathan came from.

It wasn’t until we went to a Hillsong United Conference in November 2007 that God changed our hearts. Hillsong is full of family lines weaving in and out. The pastors talked a lot about their families and how important they were in their own ministries. On the last day and before the last session, we were sitting in the car and I said to Jonathan, “I think I want children.” And he said, “Me too.” I then said, “I decided that this weekend.” He said, “Me too.”
So, we decided to kind of wait a little longer and get to the new year. So in January, we started trying to have a baby. Month after month went by with no fruit to show of our labor. 🙂 I was getting a little discouraged. I think Jonathan was too.
Then finally in the May/June try, I started to “feel” a little different. I was having some different sort of cramping, I was peeing a lot, I was hot (which is extremely unusual). I would have been a few days over my expected period on June 17th. We got home on June 16th. I had to pee so bad when we walked in the door. I said, do I take the test now? Jonathan said go for it. So, with pregnancy test in hand – we went for it.
It was funny because right afterward, when we were waiting the mandatory two minute wait period, Adam called Jonathan. He picked up and was talking to him, while I was staring at the two lines starting to show on the test. We were both smiling so big. He stopped listening to what Adam was saying. It was hilarious. We hung up and just stared at it. I got a little teary-eyed.
From there, there was no way we could keep it a secret. Not with something as exciting as this. So, after several tries, we came up with this picture as the way to tell our families.

My mom was out of town so we went to J’s parents house first, calling ahead to tell them we had a late Father’s Day gift. We put this picture in a frame and wrapped it up. His dad opened it up and was in shock. We all started crying a little bit. His sister, granny and Dale came over to hear the good news.Then we went to see my dad and Ian. The plan was for me to get my mom on the phone and then hand the framed picture to my dad but I couldn’t get my mom and we were already there. So, I went ahead and gave it to my dad. He started crying and then called mom and of course, got her immediately. She was screaming on the phone, telling the rest of my family in North Carolina.

It was a great night. We proceeded to call all of our friends and then went to see Rog and Glo. The best set up for the news was Tiff. I called and couldn’t get her. So she called back and when I picked up, she said, “What’s the word?” And I was like, “We’re pregnant!” It was classic.

It was a great day. One to never be forgotten.


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