Hi!  I’m Eva and welcome to my corner of the blogosphere.  I am the wife to a really kind and very patient husband and mom to a wiggly three-year-old son and an equally wiggly nine-month-old daughter.   Life around my household is exciting to say the least!  I am a Jesus follower and a lover of my family!

My crafting adventures started with paper crafts about four years ago and progressed to general crafting and finally sewing!  I don’t do a whole lot of paper crafts anymore and to be honest, I miss them.  But I do love general crafting and absolutely love making clothes for my little girl.  Like most other crafting mommas, I squeeze in crafting during nap time and bed time.

I’m now a stay-at-home mom.  Before that, I was a legal assistant for six years, then an administrator at my church for five years, then went part-time when my son turned two and now I’m full-time at home.

A few random things about me:

I have this weird thing where I can’t just wash one hand.  When would you ever do that, you might ask?  When you have a little one you’re always holding!  I’ll wash the free one and then have to wet the other one.  It gives me the eeby jeebs not to!

I can’t have one leg/foot under the covers while the other one is out.  Nor can my feet ever be hanging off the bed.  Yikes!  A monster might get them!

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I learned the true name of Cracker Barrel.  I always thought it was Crackle Barrel.

I pronounce onion like ungion.  Weird, I know.  What’s even more odd is that my younger brother does the same thing.

I spoke and read Spanish pretty fluently in college and then I let it go.  It’s on my bucket list to re-learn.

I would love to be an archaeologist.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

I hope you enjoy your time here at Tales of the Scotts!