Saturday, May 10, 2014

LEGO Family T-Shirts

We decided to take a one day trip down to Legoland last week.  We'd never been and my son loves Legos right now so we knew he'd have fun.

My husband & I are kind of quirky.  We kind of love nerdy stuff.  HA HA!  So the Saturday before we left, I decided to make us some personalized Lego t-shirts to wear to the park.  I used my all time favorite technique - freezer paper stenciling.  I really wanted to do a tutorial because these particular shirts required a few steps but I just didn't have the time.  But you can look through all my freezer paper posts to see what to do.

My favorite shirt was my husband's.  It captured him perfectly.  We got TONS of comments throughout the day.  One lady ran up to me and asked where I got them.  I should have offered to make her some for a fee.  :-)  

Anyways, here are my two cuties.  The kids were great and had fun.

Happy Saturday & Mother's Day!


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