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Valentines Tinsel Wreath

Valentines Tinsel Wreath

I kind of fell in love with how fun my New Year’s Tinsel Wreath was so I’m carrying the concept over into Valentine’s Day.

I love how festive the tinsel makes this wreath.

And it’s beyond easy to make.  Grab some tinsel garland.  I got mine super cheap after Christmas.  You’ll need a wreath form.  Mine is fairly small.  I got it in the Target Dollar Section months ago so if you’re using a regular wreath, you may need two sets of garland.  Then just wrap it all the way around. I pinned it in the back or you could hot glue it.

Because the garland is so sparkly, don’t forget to get some coordinating ribbon to hang it.  Mine is actually Christmas wire.  It has little stars on it.  Hearts would have been perfect but I was trying to use what I had on hand.

That’s it.  Simple and easy.  And best of all, festive!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!


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