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Fall Garland Banners Plus Tutorials

Fall Garland Banners Plus Tutorials

Let me start off by saying . . . I love, love, love my new Fall garland!  Do you ever finish up a project and it’s exactly how you envisioned it?  You too?  This is exactly what I was wanting for Fall.

Even though it’s still low 90s here, I figured it’s almost October so I should start my decorating.  All of these garlands were super, super easy.  Here’s how to make your own.


Fabric Scraps Garland

First you need whatever fabric you want to use.  I went to Joann’s and bought 4 coordinating fabric but use whatever you have on-hand.  Next cut your fabric into 1 inch strips (or however wide you want it) and into the length you want it.  Now you have a pretty pile of fabric strips!  To make mine, I had roughly 100 strips.

Then you want to turn your fabric wrong side up, put your ribbon or rope on top, bring the “tails” up through the hole (make sense?), pull down until it looks like a tie.  Then pull tight and move into place.  Easy to do this while watching your favorite show.

I love how full and bouncy it is!

Pumpkin Garland

Firstly, I got this wonderful idea from Desiree at The 36th Avenue.   You need some mini pumpkins and a screwdriver.  Mine are from Wal-Mart and they’re styrofoam so very light and very easy to jab with a screwdriver.  Next jab with a screwdriver.  Go slow.  A couple I went too quick and it made a bigger hole in the pumpkin.  Next take a bobby pin, slide your ribbon onto it and push it through.

Easy!  Tie the ends off and attach to your mantel.


Fall Burlap Banner

You need some burlap, fabric and Silhouette’s Interfacing.  Cut all three pieces to your desired size.

Lay your fabric on the “rough” side of the interfacing and iron.  Peel off the white back side and lay it wrong-side down onto your Silhouette cutting mat.  Cut out your letter (this could easily be done with a rotary blade if you don’t have a Silhouette).  Then place your letter onto your burlap and iron down.  I did a long zig zag stitch all the way around my letters.  I don’t think that you have to do this.  I just wanted it sturdy since it’s within reach of my little people.

And there you have it.  I absolutely love it!

So how about you?  Have you started decorating for Fall yet?  Send me links to your own blog so I can see.  Thanks for reading.  See you soon!

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