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Walk Tall Vinyl How To

Walk Tall Vinyl How To

I recently re-did two dressers that were given to me for my daughter’s room.

On one of the dressers, I incorporated a quote that I had seen in another nursery which I pinned here.  As soon as I read it, I loved it and knew I had to incorporate it into my daughter’s room somehow.  It wasn’t until I was in the middle of painting that I knew I wanted to put them directly on the dresser itself.  Initially I was going to put it on the mirror, but I knew I would get annoyed seeing it in my reflection anytime I looked in the mirror so instead I decided to put it on the dresser itself.

As a side note, I used vinyl for the first time a few weeks ago.  I think I’m obsessed now.  I want to put vinyl on everything!

First open up a new Cameo screen and change your width and height to 24×12 (this is the length of vinyl I used, yours may be different).

Then click on your text box and type what you want to say.

I highlighted my text and changed it to Honey Script and changed the size to 250.  Basically I knew I wanted my letters to be no more than 3 inches tall.  So, I just adjusted as I needed to.

Then, see how the script seems to overlap and doesn’t look like it will cut as one congruent piece of text?

Well, select your text, click the Modify button on the top and then click weld.  See how it’s fixed now?

After I welded them, I selected the words again, right clicked and grouped them all together.  Not sure if this is necessary but it made me feel more comfortable knowing they were a group.  🙂

Then, just send to your Cameo and apply where you want it to go.

I’m just over the moon happy with how it all turned out!  I love the quote and the meaning behind it.  I can’t wait to instill those values in my daughter (and son for that matter) as she’s growing up.

Thanks for reading!


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