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Two Dressers Re-Done

Two Dressers Re-Done

My sister in law texted me last week and asked if I wanted two of her old dressers for free.  Yes, please!!  I knew exactly what I would use them for.  I would replace a dinky dresser in Sarah’s room.

Here they are all finished.


Let me show you what I started with.



You can see from the pictures that they were pretty beat up.  She’s 28ish and I’m pretty sure she’d had them since she was a little girl.

I actually loved the color of Sarah’s old dresser.  But here’s the thing.  I had a coupon for a free pint of flat paint.  So, I used that on the dresser and bought a lacquer-type spray to make it shiny.  And it did make it shiny but it also gave the dresser a tea-tint.  The bottle even said that it could happen.  You can see a picture of the dresser here and can see what I’m talking about.  So, I went with the exact same color.  I used Valspar Sweet 16 Pink in high-gloss.  Why high-gloss?  Because I did my son’s dresser in high-gloss and absolutely loved it!  His is even glossier because it was oil based.

Here are some close-ups.

So, now I have ample storage in her room so that green basket which used to house her burp-cloths, now hides her monitor.  Not sure if I’ll keep it there permanently but I like it so far.

On her original dresser, I had spray painted the hardware silver which I still really like but after seeing Jamilyn’s nursery reveal (of I {heart} Nap Time), I thought hot pink would be even better.  So glad I changed it up.  I used Rusto-Oleum Berry Pink in gloss.


And here is my favorite part.  Background story: I saw and pinned this a couple of weeks ago.  The blogger’s subway art has been featured on several blogs but it was the artwork next to it that I loved.  I just loved the quote: “Walk tall, you are a daughter of God.”  I am all about speaking truth and life into my children.  Building up who they are in Christ will help them walk tall in life.  After I’d already started painting, I remembered the quote and wanted to incorporate it somehow.  I used my Cameo and cut out some vinyl and put it on her dresser.  I beyond love it.  (Here’s the post on how I made it).

Oooo, I just absolutely LOVE how everything turned out.  Here are my before and afters.


Click here to see my vinyl how-to.  Thanks for reading!


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