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I Heart Mondays

I can’t remember if I’ve told you before but I love marshmellows.  Aren’t these the cutest!

Cute heart paper and felt chains.


Perfect Valentine’s for your spouse!  Bring back the mixed tape!

Or instead of a mixed CD, how about a fake iPod?  Cute, right?
Made from scratch chocolate heart box.  This is a cute and very economical idea.
Awww, I want to make this apron!
These are cute for your child’s hair – or your own!
I’ve seen these cookies all over the web this week.  Really cute and they really look like stained glass in the light!


Cute book wreath.
Valentine Crafts For Kids
Oh man, there are some CUTE valentine’s out there for kids.  I’m still trying to narrow down which ones we’re going to do this week for the family.
Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen around the web this week.
This is the coolest idea!  More for an older kid but adorable!
Stinkin’ adorable!
Seriously – how cute are these conversation hearts?  Adorable!

Cute monster valentines.

Wow, small handmade kite valentines.  Really adorable.
Cute places for your kids to collect their valentine’s.
Waxy Paper Hearts.  I’m totally saving this for next year when H is a little older.

Really cute idea for the grandparents.  And really for any reason or holiday.

Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s freezer paper stenciling ideas.  Wanting to do something for Hosea this week to wear.

This isn’t done with freezer paper but you could easily do it that way.
Other cute ones.

Or something simple like this.  Again, not done with stenciling but could easily be done.
Kids’ Stuff
Oh my word, I seriously love this memory game.  She puts them on mason jar lids.  Cute, cute, cute!
Cute heart knee-patches.
Really cute modern job/chore chart for kids.
Look how cute these square felt animals are.
A Little This, A Little That
Do you like the idea of putting your child’s fingerprint on a charm?
From the same company, a pretty cute idea.  Take one of your child’s masterpieces and have it put on a charm or keychain.
Came across another fingerprint artwork this week.  This is cute!
I like these print for baby #2’s room.
For a girl.
For a boy.
I’ve been wanting to make a comfy booster seat for H for a while now.  It’s on my lost list of to-do’s.  While this one isn’t comfy, it sure is cute and easy.
I seriously LOVE this idea!  Take a piece of your child’s artwork and freezer paper stencil it to a t-shirt for a dad or granddad.  So cute!
I have no clue what you’d use this for on an everyday basis but cute nonetheless.
These would make cute broaches or barrettes.
The more and more I see these rosette necklaces, the more I like them.  This one was done with a t-shirt!
What a cute way to top your gifts!  Especially your handmade gifts.

I love this!  I can’t find where I found this vinyl originally but just googled it and this was the first that came up.  If you have a place where you display your child’s artwork, wouldn’t this go PERFECT above it? 

Happy Monday to You!!

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